In Nature, there is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to be, to be OKAY. Walking along in the woods, or standing on a mountain watching the sunrise, you are perfect. In that moment, you are you. And YOU is good.


Ruminature is simply my personal journal of thoughts and ideas I’ve collected while out on in the woods and running around the mountains where I live.

I am an introvert and a constant observer, and my day job as psychotherapist reinforces my mind to be in a constant state of viewing life according to it’s intricate underlying patterns, the deeper layers, the existential questions, the “why’s” and the “how’s” and everyone’s ultimate pursuit (whether they know it or not) the greatest of pursuitsto feel loved.

I used to be an idealist with a dose of happy extroversion I could put on like a nice outfit. I can still wear it, but as the years tick by and life continues to bring it’s lessons able to be learned only through experience, and certain hopes don’t turn out quite as expected, my idealism has grown a little rough around the edges. Sometimes she even has a sassy bout of road rage. But she has a home, as do all of my parts, standing alone in nature, and everything is O K.

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